The Society for Vascular Nursing (SVN) is a professional organisation for vascular nurses throughout the UK. Through a culture of sharing we can offer excellence in clinical practice, education, research and professional networking.  The SVN aim to offer its members with opportunities and learning to ensure they have the basis to provide ‘optimal care for patients with vascular disease’.

Benefits of Membership

  • SVN provides its members with an abundance of collegial resources with similar roles & interests

  • SVN members have the opportunity for professional growth and career development through networking with colleagues both nationally and internationally

  • Bursary and research/education grant opportunities-both via the SVN, the circulation foundation and external agents

  • Annual conference

  • Annual awards for ‘outstanding service to vascular disease and patient care’

  • Optimize patient care by keeping up-to-date on current interventions and treatments of vascular diseases

  • Opportunities to develop new skills

  • Networking and educational opportunities through local and regional groups-which the SVN can support

  • Quarterly issues of Vascular Matters, the official SVN newsletter designed to keep members aware of current practice issues and activities of the Society, there is also the opportunity for members to publish their own achievements and practice developments