The Society for Vascular Nursing

The Society for Vascular Nursing is an American society, for vascular nurses.

It was founded in 1982, the Society for Vascular Nursing is a not-for-profit International association dedicated to promoting excellence in the compassionate and comprehensive management of persons with vascular disease. The Society’s focus is on providing quality education, fostering clinical expertise, and supporting nursing research.

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They have an official publication, which is the Journal of Vascular Nursing.

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Journal of Vascular Nursing provides clinical information regarding aortic and peripheral aneurysms, upper and lower extremity arterial disease, acute and chronic venous disease, and more. Original, peer-reviewed…

ISSN: 1062-0303


Here is a selection of books that would be of use to nurses, or other healthcare professionals such as podiatrists working with patients who have vascular disease. Perhaps request them from the library first to see which one you prefer.

Vascular Nursing

Victora A. Fahey RN MSN CVN

Publication Date: 21 Dec 2003 | ISBN-10: 0721695671 | ISBN-13: 978-0721695679 | Edition: 4

Updated and revised to keep pace with diagnostic and therapeutic advances, VASCULAR NURSING is devoted to nursing care of patients with peripheral vascular disorders. This well-respected reference provides the thorough understanding of vascular disease and current methods of diagnosis and treatment necessary for the delivery of optimal care.

Vascular Disease: A Handbook for Nurses

By Haytham Al-Khaffaf and Sharon Dorgan

Release Date: 28 April 2005 | ISBN-10: 0521674514 | ISBN-13: 978-0521674515 | Edition: 1

A Practical Approach for Medical and Nursing Staff offers a step-by-step guide to caring for patients in a variety of clinical settings. It follows a patient’s path of care from management in the outpatient clinic, through to the hospital ward, theatre, recovery room and back to the follow-up outpatient clinic. A clear, concise format is used throughout the book, with reference to evidence-based interventions and the physiology underpinning them, and the use of simple line diagrams and treatment flow charts to illustrate the essential aspects of care. Edited by a vascular nurse and vascular surgeon, with contributions from a group of invited authors, the book reflects the multidisciplinary nature of patient care and will be a valuable resource for nurses, surgeons and other healthcare professionals involved in caring for this patient group.

Vascular Disease: Nursing and Management

By Shelagh Murray

Publication Date: 15 Jun 2001 | ISBN-10: 1861562195 | ISBN-13: 978-1861562197

Caring for patients with vascular disease has always been a challenging and complex area of care for both nurses and other healthcare professionals. In the past, patients with vascular disease were cared for under the umbrella of ‘general surgery’. There is now a clearer understanding of the need to provide specialist nursing to meet the needs of vascular patients. This book addresses all aspects of care and management for different vascular conditions and stages of the disease process that the nurse will encounter. Guidance is given in dealing with some of the very challenging aspects of vascular nursing such as pressure sore prevention, pain and wound management, as well as palliative care provision for patients with end stage vascular disease. It will help nurses and other healthcare professionals involved in caring for vascular patients to update and expand their knowledge of developments in conservative, radiological and surgical aspects of care. Shelagh Murray has drawn together the work of specialists who are experts within their field of practice, and the book covers all aspects of vascular nursing.

Caring for the Vascular Patient

By Lynda M. Herbert RGN

Publication Date: 23 Jun 1997 | ISBN-10: 0443054231 | ISBN-13: 978-0443054235

This book provides a ready reference for those interested in caring for the patient suffering from peripheral vascular disease. It starts from the premise that there should be a ‘seamless service’ with knowledge shared among all professional caring groups in both hospital and community. The text is short and crisp in style for quick and easy reference. It contains full colour photographs of important clinical subjects.

Vascular Surgery: Perioperative Nursing Series

By Beth Ann MacVittie RN MS CNOR

Publication Date: 26 Jan 1998 | ISBN-10: 0815170319 | ISBN-13: 978-0815170310

This excellent text presents all the essential background information for a thorough understanding of the nurse’s role in each procedure of vascular surgery. Standards of patient care are discussed within the nursing process framework, providing relevant information such as health history, physical exam, diagnostic tests, preoperative nursing care, anaesthesia, patient teaching, and postoperative management. The heart of the text focuses on more than a dozen surgical procedures, accompanied by full-colour illustrations clearly illustrating key steps of each procedure.