Revised privacy policy; information for Society of Vascular Nurses (SVN) members in relation to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) May 2018

This document has been written to advise members of the SVN of the provisions that have been put into place to ensure that the SVN are fully compliant with changes to regulation around data protection.   We hope that our members will have the assurance that the SVN have received appropriate guidance and taken action to ensure adherence with the new law.

Why do the SVN process my data?

The SVN process the data you have given to us when becoming our member. When you join the organisation, we communicate with you about our activities, for example, events, and in relation to your rights as a member such as the right to vote or become a committee member.

What data do the SVN retain?

The only data that the SVN retain is that relating to the details completed on the membership form which is name, address, email, telephone number, job title and your area of work.

Who controls the data for the SVN and where is that data stored?

The membership data is controlled by the membership secretary for the SVN. Your data is stored on a password protected personal computer, which is retained by the membership secretary of the SVN.

What if I wish to opt out of receiving emails and / or being a member of the SVN?

You may opt out from being a member of the Society of Vascular Nurses at any point; please contact Sue Ward if you wish to opt out from being a member of the SVN.

Who should I contact if I need to have my data deleted or rectified?

If you want to have you membership data deleted or rectified please contact Sue Ward

What happens when I am no longer a member of the SVN?

Once you cease to be a member of the SVN, we will retain your data for 1 year.  This is for the purpose of reminding you to renew your membership, should this have been an omission on your part.  After this period of time your data will be deleted.

Will anyone else have access to my data?

The only situation where your data is accessed is when we organise our national conference. We do not have capacity to organise it ourselves and employ Fitwise.  Fitwise will communicate with you in regards to the event, location and venue as your catering requirements. You can view the privacy policy for Fitwise at